Weekly Routine

Need some motivation?
Here I'm going to show you guys my weekly fitness and health routine.









About Curvy J

Hey guys welcome to my world. Here's a little bit about me.

I was born in Cali, Colombia. My life in Colombia was more than any child could ask for. As the youngest sibling, I was very spoiled by my parents. They did their best to try and give me, my brothers and sister a better life. When I turned 6 years old my mom decided to come to America and search for the American dream. We moved to L.E.S, “Lower East Side” in New York City, which is where I grew up.

My mother played such a big role in my life. She is my role model, the person who I always looked up to the most. I had my first child at a young age and I learned life wasn’t as easy as I once thought.


My Career

Fitness, Workout, Diet, Cardio

I've always loved being in front of the camera, thats how I fell in love with modeling. As my popularity on social media grew it, became easier for me to turn “Curvy J” into my own brand. Nightlife played a big role in my life, from bartending in the most popular clubs in NYC to hosting events and the release of my first calendar.

Everything changed when I got married and after the birth of my second daughter. These days, I enjoy my family to the fullest. In addition to my family, I also fell in love with the fitness world. Living a healthy lifestyle and staying on top of my game is what gets me going. My passion for fitness began when I realized how many people I could inspire and help. My goal is to help others get what they desire and want to become. I believe the best way to achieve your goals is by believing in yourself.


Daily Tips